Kent Trees III

Crazy ‘on line’ service from Lomography!

Crazy ‘on line’ service from Lomography! I got a Lomo 360 Spinner camera to test out and had lots of fun taking photos with what looked like a WW2 German hand grenade that spins round on its own axis, unfortunately the fun stopped there and it reminded me why I love the immediacy of digital.

If I want some film developing I have to buy a ‘mailer’ on line and wait for it to be posted to me, then use that to post my films to the lab (you cant use your own envelope….sorry mailer, and cut out waiting for them to send you one), but only if they are not developed already, oh no, if you have your films developed already you are not allowed to post them to the lab direct you have to drop them off in person at their lab in central London! How mad it that?

Then wait an estimate 10 days to get them scanned. I suppose it makes sense in the end as they are an ‘analogue’ company, so why make things easy.