Canary Wharf View I

Canary Wharf View

I took this photo earlier this summer while on a walk in Greenwich Park. It was taken with my infra red converted camera. I just loved the contrast between the trees and the buildings, like the trees were encroaching on Canary Wharf . I never realised how many trees there were until I looked at the photo after.

I actually took these photos and never did anything with them at the time, I supose i was busy and just left them on the hard drive to be discovered another day. Quite pleased I re-discovered them now!

The infra red effect makes the foliage look white and a lot of people mistake it for frost! I had to turn down a magazine front cover once as they wanted one of these type of shots for their winter edition! I couldnt let them make such a big mistake and of course when I pointed out it was taken in summer they changed their minds!