Planning, dedication and waiting – do all these and you’ll also get lucky!

Planning and waiting are a big part of my photography, so I’d like to share with you this story about Sam Abell, ex-Assistant Director of Photography at National Geographic, who talks in this film about how it took him one year to make a single image. An inspirational story of dedication, planning and good luck! There are few photographers who carry so much weight in each word!

Photos nominated for the Black and White Spider Awards!

Note to self…Always check your spam folder!
I randomly checked my spam folder today only to see a couple of photos of mine had made the finals of the Black and White Spider Awards! From Sotheby’s to the Tate in London the online exhibition has been selected by the most respected names in photography. The collection represents the world’s finest contemporary photographers as nominated by the Jury at the 6th Annual Black & White Spider Awards.

See them here.

You shouldn’t let anonymous online critics dictate how you photograph

Great post from Michael Zhang at PetaPixel.

You shouldn’t let anonymous online critics dictate how you photograph! Great advice worth repeating here..! See this link for the rest of the story and accompanying photo.

Back in 2006, Flickr user André Rabelo submitted to the group pool of DeleteMe!, a group whose members vote on photos to weed out any photos that aren’t “incredible pictures, amazing, astonishing, perfect”. Sadly, the photograph was very quickly removed by popular vote.

Here are some of the criticisms the voters had:

“When everything is blurred you cannot convey the motion of the bicyclist. On the other hand, if the bicyclist is not the subject– what was?”


Read more at PetaPixel

The Daymark – Kingswear – Devon

Google ranking improving!

Thanks to my new website I have just noticed that if you search for ‘landscape photographers’ on I am now about no 12 i.e. on the front page! Well on my huge screen at least… That’s a massive improvement over my last site! Very pleased!

Bronze Awards in The 2011 EPSON International Pano Awards

I entered four photos in the 2011 EPSON International Pano Awards recently and so far I have been awarded two Bronze Awards for my photos Kent Trees VI and Sennen Cove.

The EPSON International Pano Awards is dedicated to the art of panoramic photography, showcasing the work of panoramic photographers worldwide and is the largest and most important competition for panoramic photography.

I am really delighted to have reached this stage again, following my success in the same event last year, in what is a very highly regarded international competition. I am just awaiting the results of the remaining two images now so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Outdoor Photography readers – 20% discount on tuition!

As a special offer for Outdoor Photography readers, in which my website is featured this month, you can get 20% off my Individual and Group Tuition by entering code 20DISCOP The offer is valid for any bookings made within the next two months, but the tuition dates can be at any time to suit you. Either book direct through my site or just drop me an email! Hope to see some of you soon!

Wilson Benesch collaboration

I am delighted to be working with Wilson Benesch a manufacturer of high end audiophile speakers from Sheffield, UK. A company with a unique time line of collaboration, invention, and relentless innovation. A manufacturing company with a track record of re-investment in advanced manufacturing technologies in both metal and advanced carbon fibre composite structures. Above all, a company that has earned a global reputation by virtue of its unswerving commitment to elegant engineered solutions to complex engineering problems.

They will be creating some 3m x 4m display panels from my photos, including Deal Seafront II to be displayed at the High End Society show, the most successful European show for high quality consumer electronics and cutting edge hi-fi. I am also going to be creating some images of their new Geometry range in the near future.

International Garden Photographer of the Year

My image Tregwainton will be on display soon at Kew Gardens. The exhibition opens at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew on May 14th.  It will also tour to Exeter, Winchester, and Ironbridge Shropshire in the course of 2012. there will also be a spin-off exhibition at New York Botanical Garden, USA – more news soon.

A book featuring my photo, and all the other fantastic entries, will also be on sale here.

Unfortunately earlier books which include my winning entries in 2004 and 2006 are now sold out.

International Garden Photographer of the Year Collection 4

Print critiques

If you would like me to critique any of your own shots, please join me on my Facebook page You are welcome to post your images directly on the page and I will have a look at them. If you have any specific questions please feel free to add them as a comment and I will do my best to answer!

Facebook is where I post my experimental stuff too, images I wouldn’t normally put on here, just as a bit of fun really as I take so many photos and not all of them are worthy of inclusion on my website.

Also if you have any technical questions or wonder how I do some of my photos please feel free to post a comment.