Canary Wharf - Mist Over The City

New shot of Canary Wharf

Today I published a new shot of Canary Wharf (you can see the whole shot here) which I really like. I was lucky to get this shot as a heavy mist was forming and would soon obscure my view completely, but as it hung over the City of London it absorbed and dissipated the bright lights at street level and created an eerie glow which hung, radiating light above central London (on the left of the image) in a small pocket of mist. The mist moved in quickly after that and ruined the view, but I was lucky to see it forming.

I took four shots on my P25+ with a 35mm lens to get the whole view, then cropped it to the aesthetically pleasing 6×17 panoramic format.

You cannot get an impression of just how sharp this photograph is on my website, so I have attached here a crop of the detail from the bottom left hand corner. Just click on the small image above this text to see it enlarged. It even surprises me how sharp it is sometimes!

I dont think I have ever been so cold as when taking this photograph, it was already -3C, that on top of the wind chill factor made it seem much colder. I was lucky the mist was coming in so the wind dropped!