Devon Trees

Devon in the rain!

Well it been a while since the rain, work or my social life has allowed me to capture any landscape images! A brief trip to Devon for a week seemed promising, yet I had no time to do any research about the areas I was going to. I normally allow a day or two at least to do research, but sometimes you have to just take pot luck.

It was just as well my weather forecast app WeatherPro is so accurate as I needed it to keep dodging the relentless rain! Storms or moody skies I dont mind, but flat grey cloud and heavy rain I struggle to do anything with. Out of the week there I managed just two days/evenings shooting going where the weather was predicted to be good, and considering what it was like most of the time it wasnt a bad haul of photos. On day three the forecast got worse and worse and in the end I decided to come home, not something I have ever done before on a landscape shoot, but it just didnt seem like the rain was going to stop for even a minute!

I suppose the moral of this tale is sometimes you have to just turn up and take your chances, but also know when to give up and go home for a hot cup of tea!